Ep. #5006

Season 20, Episode 237 -  Air Date: 2/26/2007
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Taylor learns from Ridge that Rick and Phoebe kissed. Ridge tells her that he has it under control, but Taylor isn‘t convinced. Taylor feels that Phoebe is experiencing her first broken heart and will do anything to be with Rick. Nick is surprised to find Brooke at Jackie M. Brooke tells him that she is concerned that their hasn‘t been any news from their lawyers about the divorce. Nick is angry when he learns that Ridge is trying to control Brooke again with the Rick and Phoebe situation. Eric shows Stephanie the store space he has leased on Rodeo Drive for their Beverly Hills boutique. Stephanie has to convince Eric to have confidence when he begins doubting his idea to enter the retail business. Brooke isn‘t impressed when Ridge suggests that they get married in front of the store to generate press interest in the opening. Rick and Phoebe sneak around to steal a kiss and decide to keep their relationship a secret until after their parents are married.