Ep. #5005

Season 20, Episode 236 -  Air Date: 2/23/2007
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Ridge tells Phoebe that Brooke is with Rick. Phoebe is not pleased when she learns that Brooke is trying to convince Rick to end their relationship. Brooke begs Rick to listen to her plea. Rick tells Brooke that he cares for Phoebe and wishes to continue seeing her. Brooke says that it could ruin her chances of happiness with Ridge. Wanting his mother to be happy, Rick informs Phoebe that they can no longer see one another. Rick asks Brooke to leave, while Phoebe refuses to talk to Ridge. Brooke tells Ridge that Rick ended things with Phoebe for the sake of her own happiness. Rick is surprised to find Phoebe at the door, but breaks her heart when he acts cold toward her. Phoebe sobs in the rain, but finds Rick has followed her and they kiss again.