Ep. #5004

Season 20, Episode 235 -  Air Date: 2/22/2007
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Taylor wonders if she can live up to Nick‘s past relationships. They discuss the amount of children he has loved and lost and about his need to have one. Nick thinks that the right woman for him to have one with is out there. Brooke is angered when she hears Ridge referring to Rick as a loser. Ridge convinces Brooke that any closeness between Rick and Phoebe could be devastating for their family if the press caught wind of it. He pushes her to talk to Rick. Rick shows up at the beach house and Bridget allows him to stay with her for a while. Brooke later comes by and questions Rick on his feelings for Phoebe. Brooke asks him to end things and Rick is stunned that Brooke is allowing Ridge to control her. Brooke tries to make Rick see that his relationship with Phoebe could destroy her future with Ridge.