Ep. #5003

Season 20, Episode 234 -  Air Date: 2/21/2007
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Taylor spends the evening with Nick at his place. After reassuring her that Rick is a good guy and wouldn‘t take advantage of Phoebe, they decide to play cards. Taylor spices things up by suggesting strip poker. Nick ends up nearly naked and makes a statement by removing his Saint Christopher necklace that Brooke bought for him. Rick moves away from Phoebe after the kiss and tells her about Ridge‘s warning for him to stay away from her. Brooke is furious when she finds Ridge packing Rick‘s bags. Brooke refuses to allow Ridge to throw her son out of her house. Phoebe manages to start the truck and upon returning home an argument breaks out between Rick and Ridge, during which Rick grabs his things and walks out. Phoebe admits that she and Rick kissed and tells Ridge that she loves Rick.