Ep. #5002

Season 20, Episode 233 -  Air Date: 2/20/2007
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Stephanie accuses Pam of playing on Eric in order for him to offer her a place to stay in Los Angeles. Pam is infuriated and makes it clear that she intends on staying in town. Pam lays on the guilt how she was left with Ann for so many years and has never had a life of her own. Eric, Ridge, Brooke, Thorne and Felicia hold a meeting about how they wish to proceed with their own boutique chain. Rick is running late and Brooke later learns that his truck has broken down. Rick asks Brooke to keep it a secret that he‘s with Phoebe, whom he was giving a ride home due to the rain. Ridge hears from Taylor that she is unable to locate Phoebe and Brooke is forced to admit that she is with Rick. Ridge is angered that Brooke is keeping secrets from him. Stranded on the highway, Phoebe tells Rick how she is still tormented by Darla‘s death. Rick and Phoebe share a kiss.