Ep. #5001

Season 20, Episode 232 -  Air Date: 2/19/2007
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Phoebe meets with her friend Madison at The Insomnia Cafe and is surprised to see CJ back in town. Rick arrives and is happy to see CJ, who explains that Sally isn‘t doing too well, so he‘s back to take care of her. It‘s karaoke night and CJ pushes Rick and Phoebe to sing. They sing "I‘ve got you Babe" to one another. Clarke and Storm are worried about Donna when they read in Eye On Fashion that the New York press are panning her as spokes-model. Donna is devastated and hits the roof that the press always consider her to be in Brooke‘s shadow. Taylor visits Nick and suggests that they take their new relationship slowly. Brooke walks in on them again, and once alone, airs her views about him continuing to see Taylor. Brooke and Taylor later bang heads when Taylor warns Brooke that she won‘t stand for her interference.