Ep. #5000

Season 20, Episode 231 -  Air Date: 2/16/2007
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Eric calls a meeting between himself, Stephanie, Ridge and Brooke up at the cabin in Big Bear. Eric suggests selling the cabin, but Stephanie refuses to even consider it. Ridge finds Brooke hanging around outside, she reminds him about the amount of fights she and Stephanie have had at the cabin. Stephanie and Brooke go at it when Stephanie learns that Brooke approached Nick about carrying their line within Jackie M boutiques. Stephanie later suggests to Eric that he retire, but withdraws the idea when she sees how much his career means to him. They have a fun pillow fight before making love. Brooke and Ridge are horrified when they catch them through the window. Stephanie and Brooke give Eric their support in opening up their own chain of boutiques as part of Forrester Originals. Eric is thrilled when Ridge finally comes on board too.