Ep. #4997

Season 20, Episode 228 -  Air Date: 2/13/2007
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The reporters gather in the showroom of Forrester Originals. Eric, Stephanie, Ridge, Brooke, Felicia, Rick, Phoebe and Pam all toast to the success of the company. Jarrett gets wind of the Harrison Boutique sale to Jackie M and heads over to Forrester Creations with the rest of the press. Rick and Brooke are concerned as the crowd gets smaller. Felicia informs Eric that none of their buyers have been checked into their hotel suites. Nobody is willing to talk about the deal as they call around due to the confidentiality clause in the contract with Nick. Jackie and Nick hold a conference with Donna and Storm at their sides. Eric is devastated and is forced to cancel the show. Watching Eye On Fashion they learn that all of their high end buyers, except Fenmore Department Stores, are now part of the Jackie M chain of boutiques. Nick announces that they won‘t be carrying Forrester Originals gowns Stephanie confronts Nick and admits that he was underestimated.