Ep. #4996

Season 20, Episode 227 -  Air Date: 2/12/2007
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Nick discovers he has to deal with a sidekick, talking to Golden over a telephone. Golden sells his company on the agreement that Nick gives him what he wants, when he wants to collect it. Nick is angered when the sidekick grabs his fingerprint. Storm tells Nick that Fenmore Department Stores are Forrester Originals only remaining distributor. Nick feels she is too close to the family to attempt to take her business. Brooke feels nothing is going to happen between Rick and Phoebe. Stephanie thinks otherwise and warns her that it could affect her relationship with Ridge. Brooke has to stop Ridge from going after Rick when he works closely with Phoebe. Jackie learns that Eric has doubled production on his collection. Stephanie has words with Jackie for coming to the office. Thorne informs Eric that Golden‘s stores have closed. Stephanie confronts Nick to gloat.