Ep. #4995

Season 20, Episode 226 -  Air Date: 2/9/2007
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Storm tells Nick that he finds it a little strange that they have to travel to Harvey Golden, rather than him coming to Los Angeles. Once arriving by plane, Nick is required to go alone and finds that the meeting is to be held in a deserted warehouse. Brooke prepares breakfast for the family, but it soon comes to an end when Ridge whisks Phoebe away to keep her from Rick. Eric makes the final changes to a gown and notices a positive change in Phoebe. Ridge tells Stephanie his concerns about Rick making a move on Phoebe. Stephanie thinks that Brooke won‘t allow it to happen, but decides to talk to her anyway. Brooke and Rick discuss his friendship with Phoebe. Stephanie listens in as Brooke gives her full support. Stephanie criticizes Brooke‘s parenting methods, so Brooke shows her the door.