Ep. #4994

Season 20, Episode 225 -  Air Date: 2/8/2007
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Stephanie tells Eric that she resents him for the position that he has put her in. Eric says that Pam deserves to have a life other than taking care of Ann. Stephanie welcomes Ann to Los Angeles through gritted teeth and she agrees to move to town. Ann tells them that she‘ll stay in the guesthouse with Pam until she finds somewhere. Pam later sobs with thanks to Eric, while Stephanie suspiciously watches from the landing. Storm meets with Nick at the Cafe Russe and informs him how hard it has been to track down Harvey Golden to buy the east coast distribution, but Storm later calls him having managed to secure a meeting. Brooke walks in to order dinner and talks to Nick about good times, which makes him uncomfortable. Phoebe sees that Shane has walked out on her so Rick takes her home. She admits she only went to dinner with Shane to make Rick jealous. Returning home, Brooke spots them hugging in the garden.