Ep. #4993

Season 20, Episode 224 -  Air Date: 2/7/2007
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Stephanie arrives home just as Pam is about to leave for the airport to return to Chicago. They are both stunned when Ann shows up, having been flown in by Eric. Eric tells them of his plan to have Ann move into a condo in Santa Monica, while Pam can live in the guest house, so they can be close by. Stephanie is livid. Ridge doesn‘t agree to let up on Rick. Brooke makes it clear that they should be supporting their children, but Ridge manages to close the conversation by seducing Brooke. Jenna, a model, finds return flight tickets to Paris in Rick‘s belongings and Phoebe is upset. Shane informs Phoebe that he has gotten himself a job as an Assistant Manager at an office supplies company. He takes her to the Cafe Russe for dinner, but he becomes irritable when Phoebe continues to watch Rick drinking at the bar with Jenna. He soon realizes that Phoebe no longer feels the same about him. Phoebe later learns that Rick has cancelled his fight back to Paris.