Ep. #4992

Season 20, Episode 223 -  Air Date: 2/6/2007
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Rick finds Phoebe undressing and she tells him that she won‘t be played by him, but shows her true feelings when she becomes nervous around him. Stephanie thinks that Yvette is in town due to Nick and Jackie wanting her to carry their line. Stephanie advises against it. Jackie scoffs that Stephanie has no idea of their plans, but Stephanie later tells Ridge that she has a feeling that something serious is going on with them. Phoebe seeks advice on love from Stephanie, whom is relieved that nothing more is going on with Shane. Rick tells Brooke how Ridge threatened him to stay away from Phoebe. Brooke is appalled and instead encourages their friendship. Rick goes to Nick to thank him for keeping the employees at Forrester International. Nick realizes that Rick isn‘t too keen on Ridge and tells him that he has him in his corner. Brooke is stunned when Ridge confirms that he wants Rick out of Phoebe‘s life. Brooke orders him to be supportive as she doesn‘t want tension within her home.