Ep. #4991

Season 20, Episode 222 -  Air Date: 2/5/2007
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Bridget steps into her new shoes as Design Consultant for Forrester Originals. Helping Phoebe try on different designs, Bridget notices how fondly Phoebe talks about Rick. Phoebe is disheartened when Bridget tells her about Rick‘s playboy lifestyle in Paris. Stephanie is happy to see Rick working at the office, but he makes it clear that he is there only for Eric. Rick is short with Stephanie and makes her see that she is a fool to think that Nick won‘t attempt to destroy their first collection. Storm and Jackie are impressed that Nick has managed to conquer the Western and Asian market. Yvette St. Julienne, distributor for Europe, arrives at Forrester Creations having been collected by private jet. Nick makes an offer to buy her company, which doesn‘t please her but she signs over when Nick shows that he‘s in know that her company is in financial trouble. Stephanie later drops in to confront Jackie and Nick and is stunned to see Yvette there.