Ep. #4990

Season 20, Episode 221 -  Air Date: 2/2/2007
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Ridge hears Phoebe telling Taylor how great Rick is and he isn‘t impressed. Brooke jokes that Phoebe has a crush on Rick and Ridge fumes. Rick helps Phoebe get ready for the engagement party before they all leave together. Taylor decides not to attend due to the breakup with Thorne, but goes to see Nick instead. Nick comforts Taylor and they head out the door to have dinner at Chuck‘s. Eric and Stephanie are stunned when a gorgeous Pam walks in wearing a Forrester Original gown. The champagne and celebrations flow and Brooke asks Rick to sing Unforgettable. He agrees but pulls Phoebe into the spotlight with him. Sparks seem to ignite between the two, which everybody notices. Ridge confronts Rick and warns him to steer clear of Phoebe or face the consequences.