Ep. #4989

Season 20, Episode 220 -  Air Date: 2/1/2007
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Taylor meets with Thorne at his request. Taylor is a saddened to learn that Ally isn‘t any closer to accepting her. Thorne apologises to Taylor but feels it will be best for Ally if they go their separate ways. They are both equally devastated. Stephanie is impressed by the new Forrester Originals offices. Stephanie learns that Rick is back in town, but is concerned when Ridge says that he wishes he‘d return to Paris. Brooke asks Rick to be more accepting of Ridge and even asks him to sing at the engagement party. Ridge isn‘t impressed when Phoebe tells him that she sat up half the night talking to Rick. Ridge later tells Brooke that he wants Rick to stay away from Phoebe and Rick overhears. Nick tells Jackie that Harrison and Chen have sold to him and explains that there is only three more left to acquire.