Ep. #4988

Season 20, Episode 219 -  Air Date: 1/31/2007
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Pam thanks Eric for the time she has spent in Los Angeles, explaining she has never had a family to fuss over. Stephanie returns early from Chicago and asks Pam if Jackie came by. Stephanie is relieved that nothing happened. Stephanie questions Eric whether they can have the chance to make their marriage work. Eric agrees if she stops her manipulations and schemes. Phoebe visits Ridge and Brooke to have dinner. Rick comes home and joins them. Conversation turns sour when they discuss the company and Rick makes it well known that he blames Ridge for losing Forrester Creations. Rick yells at Ridge when he asks Brooke why Nick stopped by and accuses Ridge of destroying their marriage. Phoebe manages to calm Rick down as they lay on the lawn and watch the stars. Brooke is concerned about Rick‘s anger toward Ridge.