Ep. #4987

Season 20, Episode 218 -  Air Date: 1/30/2007
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Pam prepares a home cooked meal for Eric and informs him that she has to return to Chicago when Stephanie comes home. Pam asks Eric to work things out with Stephanie. He agrees to try, on the condition that Pam stays for Ridge and Brooke‘s engagement party. Rick helps Phoebe to learn the art of modelling. Rick tells Phoebe that she isn‘t a ture Forrester, but a Marone. Phoebe is angry at the comment and the two bicker about Brooke and Ridge getting married. Rick is sure that Ridge will only hurt Brooke again. Nick brings Hope home after spending the evening together. Brooke questions him about his plans for Forrester Creations. Nick puts up a defensive front as the conversation turns to Ridge. Nick admits that he finds it hard to accept how easy it was for Brooke to move on. Brooke tells Nick that he will always be special to her as they say their final goodbye.