Ep. #4986

Season 20, Episode 217 -  Air Date: 1/29/2007
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Brooke informs Ridge that Stephanie is planning an engagement party for them. Brooke is thrilled that the family is coming together for them. Brooke tells Phoebe that when she chooses to end her career to spend time with her family she would like her to be the new face of Forrester Originals. Rick blasts Ridge for losing Forrester Creations. Rick decides to stay in Los Angeles to work with Eric, but tells Ridge that he and Stephanie are responsible for Nick‘s takeover. Storm and Jackie warn Nick about the amount of money he is spending in buying out the distributors. Nick is confident with his plans and meets with Mr. Chen to buy the Asian distribution. The papers are signed and Nick wishes to celebrate with Jackie, but he is confronted by Brooke who demands to know what he is up to.