Ep. #4985

Season 20, Episode 216 -  Air Date: 1/26/2007
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Bridget makes notes as Eric and Felicia rush around making the final changes to a gown worn by Phoebe. Brooke and Ridge kiss in his office before discussing Rick. Ridge tells Brooke that he realizes that Rick is concerned about their relationship. Ridge says that he will win him over. Rick later pops into the new offices of Forrester Originals and informs the family that if they keep pushing Nick, he only become more competitive. Storm questions Donna on whether she knows why Nick is taking out so many bank loans. Arthur Harrison meets with Nick and Jackie about selling his company but asks for a much higher price than Nick offered. Nick signs the deal and tells Jackie that Harrison Boutiques will now be part of the Jackie M chain. Jackie airs her concerns that they will end up in huge amounts of debt if he wishes to obtain the other four fashion distributors. Nick tells Jackie that it‘ll be the Forrester family whom will end up bankrupt.