Ep. #4983

Season 20, Episode 214 -  Air Date: 1/24/2007
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At the Forrester home, Eric and Pam chat in the living room while Jackie sneaks in unnoticed. Eric later finds Jackie waiting in a bubble bath upstairs drinking champagne. Eric leaves, although tempted by her offer, he remains committed to Stephanie. Jackie is soon confronted by an angry Pam. Arthur looks over Nick‘s proposal and promises him an answer within 48 hours. Taylor tells Phoebe that she and Nick are friends. Phoebe finds it hard to understand why Taylor would see Nick when Thorne hates him. Nick later drops by and again makes his plea that Taylor is engaged to the wrong man. Thorne tells Bridget of Ridge‘s ideas that Nick is interested in Taylor. Bridget reassures Thorne and feels that the idea is way off base. Bridget goes to see Taylor and finds her in Nick‘s arms.