Ep. #4981

Season 20, Episode 212 -  Air Date: 1/22/2007
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At the new offices for Forrester Originals, the family gathers together on a high about the debut of their first collection. Eric wants the whole family involved and asks Phoebe to model, while Bridget approves designs. Lauren tells Eric that she excited for him, but worries that Nick and Jackie won‘t go down without a fight. Taylor stands up for Nick when Ridge begins insulting his name, Ridge later warns Thorne that Nick may use his friendship with Taylor to achieve his own ends. Eric is quite confident that the Forrester name belongs to him and his loyal buyers will stand by him. Lauren visits Jackie and Nick at Jackie M and after some conversation, Nick tells Jackie of his plan to buy out Eric‘s distributors, including Fenmore Department Stores. Jackie is terrified at how much that will cost, but Nick is determined that Eric has no place to sell his designs. Nick informs Taylor that he will be the last man standing.