Ep. #4979

Season 20, Episode 210 -  Air Date: 1/18/2007
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Jackie urges Nick to stop the wedding between Thorne and Taylor. Nick refuses and believes that if the wedding is a mistake then it will end eventually. Donna, Storm and Clarke join Nick and Jackie for a meeting. Nick informs them that the Forrester family are unveiling a new fashion design business. They all pledge to give their support to making Forrester Creations the better company. Although Stephanie is stuck in Chicago due to snow, and Kristen is in Africa with Tony and Zende, the Forrester estate is ready for the wedding. Phoebe notices how upset Ally is and asks for her forgiveness. Pam finds the defaced photos of Taylor and shows them to Eric, he presents them to a stunned Thorne. Taylor lets Brooke know that she isn‘t happy with her for telling Ridge her theory about herself and Nick. Taylor is horrified when she finds her wedding dress torn to shreds by Ally. Thorne and Taylor realize Ally isn‘t ready to accept the marriage. The ceremony is cancelled. Nick later supports Taylor as she sobs into his arms.