Ep. #4978

Season 20, Episode 209 -  Air Date: 1/17/2007
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Ridge asks Taylor if there is any truth to Nick wanting to get involved with her. Taylor is furious that Brooke is spreading rumors. Bridget learns from Nick about his divorce from Brooke. Jackie overhears and is upset that the marriage is over. Jackie is surprised when Bridget agrees with them that Taylor is marrying Thorne out of guilt. Once alone, Jackie suggests to Nick that he stop the wedding, but he feels it‘s Taylor‘s mistake to make. Pam, Eric and Felicia help prepare the flowers for the upcoming wedding. Thorne and Ally arrive and the family helps Ally accept the wedding plans. Taylor tells Ally that she won‘t marry Thorne if it upsets her, but Ally eventually gives the okay. Ally later plays in the study and defaces photographs of Taylor.