Ep. #4977

Season 20, Episode 208 -  Air Date: 1/16/2007
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Eric suggests that Bridget speak to Taylor professionally if she still has lingering feelings for Nick. Bridget tells him that she doesn‘t need therapy and wonders if she could still have a future with Nick. Bridget later calls him and invites him to have dinner with her. Ridge is furious that Phoebe has been spending time with Shane. Phoebe begs him to give Shane a chance and Shane makes a promise to Ridge that he will prove himself. Taylor snaps that her life is none of Brooke‘s business. Brooke tries to lay a guilt trip on her. Brooke takes Nick aside and informs him that she wouldn‘t be able to handle him getting involved with Taylor. Brooke shows Ridge her divorce papers and then tells him her fears about Nick and Taylor. Thorne calls Taylor and says that he is making progress with Ally. Nick tries to make Taylor see that she is marrying Thorne out of guilt and tells her not to marry him.