Ep. #4976

Season 20, Episode 207 -  Air Date: 1/15/2007
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Bridget talks with Eric about Nick. They both agree that they understand why Nick is behaving the way he is. During the conversation, Bridget wonders if Eric still has feelings for Jackie, while he wonders about her feelings for Nick. Taylor manages to stop her car in time. Shaken, she and Thorne return Ally home to the beach house. Ally yells that she hates Taylor before heading off to bed. Taylor tells Thorne that she feels they can no longer get married. Thorne promises her that Ally will come around. Brooke goes to see Taylor at her home and is surprised to find only Nick waiting there. Brooke begins questioning him on if he is interested in Taylor. Nick later hands Brooke divorce papers and makes sure she really wants to end their marriage. Taylor comes home upset and Brooke watches Nick with her. Brooke demands to know if there is feelings between them.