Ep. #4975

Season 20, Episode 206 -  Air Date: 1/12/2007
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Stephanie prepares to go to Chicago and reminds Pam to keep an eye on Jackie. Eric makes no promise to Stephanie that he‘ll still be around when she gets home. Jackie later drops in looking for Eric, but Pam manages to get rid of her. Taylor breaks the news to Ally that she did kill Darla. Ally doesn‘t understand and demands that she wants to return to the home they had shared with Darla. Thorne tells Taylor that Hector has gone away on vacation with Caitlin and Jimmy, so he and Ally move back into the empty beach house. Thorne later panics when he realises that Ally is missing and calls 911 before heading out to look for her on the same highway Darla lost her life on. Nick stops by to see Taylor to find her distraught about Ally‘s knowledge that she was the one responsible for Darla‘s death. Taylor helps Thorne look for Ally. Walking the highway, Ally screams as Taylor‘s car races toward her.