Ep. #4973

Season 20, Episode 204 -  Air Date: 1/10/2007
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Eric tells his family that while he knows that they did what they did in order to get the company back for him, he can‘t condone what they did because their actions hurt too many people. Nick‘s anger erupts and scares Jackie, while he places a call to George. Eric, Ridge and Thorne wait for George at Forrester Creations, preparing for him to sell the company back to them. They are furious when Nick arrives and informs them that he sold his stock in Marone Industries to the board, and with the cash bought Forrester Creations outright. Taylor and Brooke talk while the girls have a playdate. Brooke questions Taylor on her feelings for Nick, when she seems more concerned with him than her marriage to Thorne. Hope tells Ally that her friend told her that Taylor killed Darla.