Ep. #4970

Season 20, Episode 201 -  Air Date: 1/5/2007
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Stephanie tells Ridge how she will announce Jackie‘s past to the press and the buyers at the fashion show. Stephanie guesses that Marone Industries board of directors will sell the company back to Eric when they are shamed. Jerry soon arrives in his uniform and Stephanie rushes him off to Forrester Creations. Taylor learns of Stephanie‘s plan from a guilty Ridge and is furious. She storms off with the intention of stopping her. The crowd is impressed with Clarke‘s work as the show begins. Nick and Jackie are thrilled by their success. Stephanie and Thorne crash backstage, and with the help of some loyal employees, manage to get rid of Clarke. Stephanie pushes Jerry on stage for the show stopper with Donna. Nick recognises Jerry and is unable to control his anger. As a scuffle breaks out, Stephanie picks up the microphone and airs Jackie‘s dirty laundry to the entire showroom.