Ep. #4967

Season 20, Episode 198 -  Air Date: 1/2/2007
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Stephanie and Ridge discuss how depressed Eric is. Stephanie tells Ridge that they may be able to get Forrester Creations back and informs him that Jackie was a prostitute. Ridge is thrilled and feels they can blackmail Nick, but Stephanie is concerned that it could cause Taylor to lose her job. Taylor pulls away from Nick and explains the kiss away as gratitude for her help, although Nick doesn‘t quite see it that way. Taylor wonders if Nick will sign the company back to Eric, but he says he isn‘t yet ready. Jackie later yells at Taylor for bringing up her past. Jackie accuses Taylor of making Nick hate her. Stephanie confronts Nick with legal documents to transfer the ownership of the company. Nick refuses to sign them and burns them in the fireplace. She leaves with a warning that nobody gets the better of Stephanie Forrester.