Ep. #4965

Season 20, Episode 196 -  Air Date: 12/28/2006
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Jackie admits to Nick that she slept with Jerry. Jackie tells how she wanted a life with Jerry but once he gave her money, things changed. Nick is stunned to learn that Jerry pimped Jackie and sent the other sailors around. Jackie stresses that they needed the money, but Nick snaps that she needed the money as she couldn‘t handle being poor. Stephanie is thrilled at what she has learned, yet Taylor is horrified that Stephanie listened in and plans to use the information to blackmail Jackie into giving the company back to them. Taylor orders Stephanie to secrecy. Jackie later bumps into Stephanie, and Stephanie hints that she knows Jackie‘s secret. Taylor drops by to see Nick. He tells her that he has no wife, no children and now no family. Taylor comforts him as he sobs.