Ep. #4964

Season 20, Episode 195 -  Air Date: 12/27/2006
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Nick is distraught at the thought of Jackie prostituting herself. Memories come flooding back to Nick. He recalls how depressed Jackie was and how she used to drink a lot. Nick tells Taylor how he used to hear the noises from Jackie‘s room and at 16 he left and went to sea. Taylor realises how Nick blocked the memories from his mind and replaced them with false memories that the sailors were his friends. Stephanie is stunned how badly Jackie reacts when she accuses her of being a slut. Jackie later visits Nick and questions him on his mood. Nick tries to make Jackie admit to their past, but she refuses to face what really happened. Taylor returns to her office and makes audio records of her session with Nick. Stephanie comes by and listens in at the door and is shocked as she hears that Jackie was a prostitute.