Ep. #4962

Season 20, Episode 193 -  Air Date: 12/22/2006
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Ann begs Stephanie to forgive her, but Stephanie refuses to bend. Thorne and Ridge don‘t have any sympathy for Ann either after what Stephanie had to go through growing up. Ann comes close to collapsing, remembering the past, and Eric hurries to her aid. Taylor talks with Stephanie privately, and attempts to convince her to give Ann another chance, but she refuses. Taylor asks Ann to leave at Stephanie‘s request. In desperation, Eric begins to play the piano, hoping to bring his family together. As the gathered guests begin to sing one by one, Stephanie comes out of the den. Ally leaves Phoebe‘s arms to head over to Ann, holding out her hand. Watching her granddaughter reach out to her mother changes something in Stephanie as she finally forgives Ann for the past.