Ep. #4960

Season 20, Episode 191 -  Air Date: 12/20/2006
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At the Forrester Mansion, Eric laments how Stephanie is impossible to buy for, and finally hits upon an idea that he shares with Felicia - to bring Ann and Pamela to town so that Stephanie can put the past behind her. Felicia isn‘t so certain that Stephanie will be pleased with his gift. Stephanie tells Eric that Sally is spending Christmas with CJ, she is upset that the holiday won‘t be the same without her. Ridge has just finished reading the Christmas story to RJ and Hope when Stephanie stops by to see the family, and alone, she admits to Brooke that she is very happy that she and Ridge have found their way back to each other. Brooke attempts to apologise for all the horrible things she has done over the years, and Stephanie reminds her that she wasn‘t the only one. Ally offers Darla‘s stocking, which is labeled with ‘Mommy‘, to Taylor, but Taylor says they‘ll hang it for Darla.