Ep. #4957

Season 20, Episode 188 -  Air Date: 12/15/2006
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Nick has another session with Taylor at Forrester Creations. Nick tells her that he grew up believing Frank Payne was his father until he learned that it was really Massimo. Nick says that Frank was a drinker and a gambler and he and Jackie were better off without him. Jackie attempts to listen in at the door as Nick talks about a ships captain named Jerry Kramer that he used to visit at the port as a child. Stephanie refuses to forgive Ann. Felicia takes Pam to the den were Felicia tries to understand what kind of childhood she and Stephanie had. Felicia feels that family is the most important thing to Stephanie, so for her to want nothing to do with Ann must make her a really bad person. Ann sobs that she takes responsibility and would like to spend her last few years knowing her grandchildren. Stephanie refuses to listen and throws her out.