Ep. #4956

Season 20, Episode 187 -  Air Date: 12/14/2006
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Ridge informs Brooke that Nick is receiving therapy from Taylor. Brooke is stunned that Nick will open up to anyone, and even more surprised when Ridge says that Taylor plans on having him return the company to them. Taylor later drops in and they discuss Stephanie. Brooke wonders if Stephanie will change after confronting Ann, but Taylor feels that Stephanie won‘t be able to until Ann admits the truth. Felicia tells Stephanie that Dante has got to stay in Italy a while longer. Felicia mentions Ann, and Stephanie hopes that she never has to see her again. Ann and Pam later show up at the front door and Stephanie turns them away. Felicia brings them in and Ann finally admits that John abused Stephanie. Ann asks for Stephanie‘s forgiveness.