Ep. #4954

Season 20, Episode 185 -  Air Date: 12/12/2006
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Ridge visits Phoebe and promises her that Shane is going to be found and taken to prison. Phoebe insists that Shane isn‘t dangerous, which surprises Ridge that Phoebe continues to defend him. Bridget finds Shane beaten and bloody on the deck of the beach house, having been mugged by some guys on the beach. Bridget tends his wounds and informs Phoebe that he is there. Phoebe begs Bridget to allow Shane to stay there for the night. Phoebe later calls Shane and promises to have the charges against him dropped. Nick tells Jackie that Taylor wants to provide therapy for him. Jackie feels that it isn‘t such a bad idea. Jackie begins to hint that Nick could find a romantic future with Taylor. Thorne learns that Taylor has offered professional help to Nick. Taylor feels that she will be able to make Nick see a different way of thinking, one that will return Forrester Creations back to the family.