Ep. #4952

Season 20, Episode 183 -  Air Date: 12/8/2006
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Stephanie thanks Eric for his support in confronting Ann. Taylor tells Brooke that Stephanie‘s life is about to change and Brooke feels that Eric‘s is too. Ridge, Thorne and Felicia assure Stephanie that they‘re not angry with her for telling them that Ann was dead. Stephanie feels that dealing with her past has cost Eric his company. Ridge wonders if John put Forrester Creations in Stephanie‘s name out of guilt. Felicia claims nothing he could do would make up for the agony he caused. Brooke and Taylor drop by and Brooke offers Stephanie her support. Stephanie privately tells Taylor that she wishes she could confront her father. Taylor suggests she just say aloud what she wants to say to him. Stephanie feels the relief after airing her feelings. Felicia mentions that Dante is working in Italy after getting a sculpting commission.