Ep. #4950

Season 20, Episode 181 -  Air Date: 12/6/2006
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Stephanie confronts Ann in Chicago, trying to get answers from her mother as to why she never protected her. Pam admits to having questions about events in the past, including blood on the sheets and Stephanie‘s refusal to go swimming, but says Stephanie never let her ask the questions. Ann tries to turn it around on Stephanie, insisting that anything Stephanie got she deserved, but Stephanie refuses to accept that explanation anymore. In Los Angeles, Taylor gathers Thorne, Felicia and Ridge together to tell them about why Stephanie is in Chicago. All three react differently, with Thorne trying to rationalise it in his own mind, Ridge talking about Stephanie‘s abilities as a mother and how they were affected, and Felicia tearfully asking questions in a hope to understand.