Ep. #4949

Season 20, Episode 180 -  Air Date: 12/5/2006
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While flying to Chicago, Stephanie assures Eric that not all her memories of the past are bad ones, and remembers spending a fun afternoon playing monopoly with her mother and younger sister. In Chicago, Ann searches for her favorite record, and wonders to Pam what Stephanie wants after all these years. After arriving in Chicago, Stephanie and Eric show up at Ann and Pam‘s apartment, where Stephanie admits she told the children that Ann was dead, and starts looking for answers. When Ann avoids the questions, Stephanie decides to just leave, but Eric demands Ann answer Stephanie‘s questions. In Los Angeles, Taylor tells Thorne that Stephanie is in Chicago with Eric. Hector decides that it‘s time for him to move out, Thorne offers Hector the use of his beach house now he‘s living with Taylor. Taylor later shocks Thorne with news that his grandmother is alive.