Ep. #4948

Season 20, Episode 179 -  Air Date: 12/4/2006
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Stephanie forces herself to call Pam again and makes up a story that she is coming into Chicago on business. Stephanie asks to meet with Pam, and stuns her by saying that she wishes to visit with Ann. Pam tells Ann about Stephanie‘s call and Ann is excited about seeing her daughter. Ann talks about John and when Pam and Stephanie were children. Ann snaps that Stephanie spoke out of line about John the last time they talked and that there will be no such talk this time. Taylor supports Stephanie and advises her to tell Eric the truth about her childhood. Eric is furious that Stephanie has an endless supply of secrets when he learns that Ann is still alive. Taylor urges Eric to hear Stephanie‘s story as she explains her abuse as a child. Eric offers to be there with Stephanie when she confronts her mother.