Ep. #4947

Season 20, Episode 178 -  Air Date: 12/1/2006
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Ridge and Thorne plow through the mounds of flower arrangements sent from their buyers. They discuss their plans for the future and present their ideas for a new company to Eric. Eric informs them that he doesn‘t want to start over but gives them his blessing if they wish to sign on to other fashion houses. Nick calls a meeting at Forrester Creations with Jackie and Donna. Nick fires several employees when they refuse to work for him. Nick places in Jackie as CEO, Donna as Lead Model and Creative Consultant and hires Clarke as Lead Designer. Stephanie confesses to Taylor that Ann, her mother, is still alive and living with her sister Pamela in Chicago. Stephanie adds that she hasn‘t spoken to Ann for thirty years as she knew John hit her, yet did nothing. Taylor pushes Stephanie to confront her mother and she places a phone call to Pam.