Ep. #4943

Season 20, Episode 174 -  Air Date: 11/27/2006
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Nick walks around in self pity that he has lost Brooke. Donna relates with her feelings for Ridge. Donna manages to perk Nick up by offering to be by his side at Forrester Creations and making sure that the company succeeds. Ridge and Brooke spend time with the kids and later discuss how they have managed to always find their way back to one each other. Brooke and Ridge promise their love to one another forever before making love. Stephanie is furious with Eric for selling the company. Eric is angered that every time he tries to do something right, Stephanie belittles him. The argument turns personal when Eric blames her for his affairs, feeling that she is cold and unloving toward him. It finally hits home to Stephanie how much she has hurt Eric over the years and how she has never really been his lover. Stephanie can‘t understand why she has such issues and places a call to Taylor, requesting her professional help.