Ep. #4942

Season 20, Episode 173 -  Air Date: 11/22/2006
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Eric agrees to sell Forrester Creations if Nick allows the family to continue working within the fashion industry. Nick agrees and they all unhappily sign their documents. Nick gives them 48 hours to be out of the building, but Eric snaps that the company will fail without his family running it. Bridget is stunned to find Shane at the hospital, after treating his head injury he vanishes again. Brooke tries one last attempt to get Nick to reconsider, but he refuses so Brooke signs her 50% share over to him, giving him sole ownership. Brooke orders him to stay away from her and her children. Stephanie and Jackie go at it as Donna walks in. Stephanie yells that they will never get her company. Stephanie is furious at Eric for being weak and caving into Nick‘s demands. Nick is devastated that Brooke has left him for good, but Donna is there for comfort. Meanwhile, Brooke tells Ridge that her future will forever be with him.