Ep. #4940

Season 20, Episode 171 -  Air Date: 11/20/2006
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With Massimo having moved out, Nick brings Jackie home to his old house. Jackie is annoyed when Nick has hired a nurse named Florence to take care of her while he isn‘t there. Donna is stunned when Nick tells her that he has given Stephanie the choice of her freedom or her company. Taylor‘s sentence is called in the court. The jury finds Taylor not guilty of vehicular manslaughter. Storm asks Judge Owens to drop the other charges against Taylor as she has been found not guilty, therefore couldn‘t have obstructed justice. Taylor is released with the sentence of 100 hours of community service. Everyone has a gathering at the house after and Ridge gives Thorne his blessing in having a relationship with Taylor. Ally has a heartfelt reunion with Taylor. Thorne later finishes what he started in Big Bear and asks Taylor to be his wife.