Ep. #4937

Season 20, Episode 168 -  Air Date: 11/15/2006
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Ridge tells Phoebe that he is going to visit Taylor and asks Hector and Harry to look after Phoebe and make sure that Shane keeps away. Storm goes over Shane‘s testimony but Shane ushers him out of his apartment as he is eager to be with Phoebe. Thorne supports Taylor as she worries about Shane being with Phoebe while she is locked up. Ridge later drops in and tells Taylor that Hector and Harry can look after Phoebe. Ridge thanks Thorne for coming through for Taylor. Thorne tells Taylor that he has complete faith in her now. Shane shows up by the pool with the intention of sleeping with Phoebe. Phoebe feels she can handle Shane but Harry hides in the bushes and watches. When Shane touches Phoebe, Harry jumps in and punches him. The guys go at it, leaving Harry out cold. Phoebe is scared of him leaving as Shane begins believing that she was only using him. Hector hears Phoebe and Shane arguing and flies in with a baseball bat in hand.