Ep. #4935

Season 20, Episode 166 -  Air Date: 11/13/2006
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Storm talks with Taylor and she insists that Shane testify first during the trial. Storm doesn‘t think it‘s wise, but Taylor only wants him away from Phoebe. Ally tells Thorne that she misses Taylor and so he takes her drawings to give to Taylor. Thorne opens up to Taylor and finally admits that he doesn‘t want her to go to jail and that Darla‘s death was not her fault. Hector and Harry try to locate Shane‘s address, Harry rushes out when Hector manages to. Shane makes excuses for having photographs of Phoebe. Harry later barges in and tries to get Phoebe to leave but Shane threatens to ship town. Phoebe sends Harry off and manages to convince Shane that she is attracted to him, then allows him to kiss her.