Ep. #4934

Season 20, Episode 165 -  Air Date: 11/10/2006
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Stephanie accompanies Storm to the jail where they visit with Taylor. Storm tries to work on the defense for the case the following day, but Taylor is worked up knowing that Shane is pushing himself onto Phoebe. Stephanie is stunned and warns that Shane had better not touch Phoebe. Shane places a few calls to arrange a secret evening with Phoebe. Hector overhears and is suspicious of Shane. Harry visits Phoebe and warns her that Shane could be dangerous. Harry and Phoebe share a kiss before Shane guilts Phoebe into going out with him. Shane takes Phoebe back to his apartment where he has prepared a meal. Phoebe sends Shane out on a false plea for him to get some champagne and she discovers that Shane has a wall plastered with photographs of her. Phoebe calls Harry for help, but Shane returns.