Ep. #4933

Season 20, Episode 164 -  Air Date: 11/9/2006
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As Eric and Ridge contemplate losing Forrester Creations, Ridge wonders if Eric still loves Jackie. Ridge questions Eric on why he is still with Stephanie to which he responds that it‘s easier to be with her than fight against her when they are apart. Ridge tells Eric that he feels Nick will push Brooke away by going after their family. Brooke asks Nick to be reasonable and to give up the idea of taking the company. Nick tells her that he‘s doing it for both her and his mother. Brooke warns him that if he goes through with his plan, then he is doing it without her. Jackie baits Stephanie and tells her that she has a choice between losing her company or losing her freedom. Jackie admits that she is doing it to get Brooke and Eric away from Stephanie. Stephanie tells Jackie that she has no chance of getting anything from her.