Ep. #4932

Season 20, Episode 163 -  Air Date: 11/8/2006
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Eric, Ridge and Stephanie refuse Nick‘s offer of giving him Forrester Creations in order to keep Stephanie out of the courtroom. Nick warns Stephanie that she will go to jail, but Stephanie snaps that Jackie‘s fall was an accident and that Nick is committing a crime by blackmailing her for the company. Brooke later questions Nick on why he would want a fashion house and Nick tells her that Taylor‘s 2% share was bought under Marone Industries and therefore still belongs to him, in gaining the Forrester family‘s 48% share and giving it to Jackie, Brooke and his mother could run Forrester Creations equally together. Bridget talks with Jackie and she suffers severe headaches when talking about Stephanie. Stephanie later arrives and confronts Jackie.